Sensory-physical Soft Anchoring Module

A sensory-physical system is the integration of a physical process with sensors and computation enabling monitoring or the control of the process. A robotic anchoring module is a sensory-physical mechanism for attachment to the environment. Robotic anchoring modules with the ability of maintaining their attachment for an extended time duration would be invaluable for a wide range of industrial and medical applications: attachment in climbing robots for inspection and cleaning of huge glass walls, nuclear plants and steel bridges, perching in flying robots that can provide a bird-eye view of an area of interest or object manipulation and attachment into delicate substrates, e.g. human body. 


Sareh, S., Althoefer, K., Li, M., Noh, Y., Tramacere, F., Sareh, P., Mazzolai, B., Kovac, M. (2017) Anchoring like octopus: biologically inspired soft artificial sucker, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14:135.