Peer-reviewed Journal Papers


    Selected articles

1. Sareh, S., Althoefer, K., Li, M., Noh, Y., Tramacere, F., Sareh, P., Mazzolai, B., Kovac, M. (2017) Anchoring like octopus: biologically inspired soft artificial sucker, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14:135.

2. Sareh, S., Rossiter, J.M., Conn, A.T., Drescher, K., GoldsteinR.E. (2012) Swimming like algae: biomimetic soft artificial cilia, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 20120666

3. Sareh, S., Rossiter, J.M., (2013) Kirigami artificial muscles with complex biologically inspired morphologies, Smart Mater. Struct. 22 014004.

4. Sareh, S., Noh, Y., Li, M., Ranzani, T., Liu, H., Althoefer, K. (2015) Macro-bend optical sensing for pose measurement in soft robot arms, Smart Mater. Struct. 24 125024.

5. Li, M., Ranzani,T., Sareh, S., Seneviratne, L.D, Dasgupta, P., Wurdemann,  H., Althoefer, K. (2014) Multi-Fingered Haptic Palpation utilizing Granular Jamming Stiffness Feedback Actuators, Smart Mater. Struct. 23 095007.

     Latest articles

6.  Li, M., Xu, G., Xie, J., Anderson, P., Sareh, S. (2018) Jointless wearable hand robots: A review,  IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine System (under review).

7. Y. Noh, J. Bimbo, S. Sareh et al., “Multi-axis force/torque sensor based on simply-supported beam and optoelectronics,” Sensors, vol. 16, no. 11, 2016.

8. Dams, B., Sareh, S., Zhang, K., Kovac, M., Ball, R. (2017) Aerial Additive Building Manufacturing: Three-dimensional Printing of Polymer Structures Using Drones. Proceeding of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Construction Materials.

9. Li, M., Sareh, S., Xu, G., Ridzuan, M.B., Luo, S., Xie, J., et al. (2016) Evaluation of Pseudo-Haptic Interactions with Soft Objects in Virtual Environments. PLoS ONE 11(6): e0157681.  

10. Sklar, E., Sareh, S., Secco, E., Faragasso, A., Althoefer, K. (2016) A Non-linear Model for Predicting Tip Position of a Pliable Robot Arm Segment Using Bending Sensor Data, Sensors & Transducers, Vol. 199, Issue 4, pp. 52-61.

11. Noh, Y., Liu, H., Sareh, S., Chathuranga, D., Wurdemann, H., Rhode, K., Althoefer, K. (2016) Image-based Optical Miniaturized Three-Axis Force Sensor for Cardiac Catheterization, IEEE Sensors, Volume:PP Issue:99.

12. Noh, Y., Sareh, S., Wudermann, H., Liu, H., Althoefer, K., (2015) Three Axial Fiber-Optic Body Force Sensor for Flexible Manipulators, Sensors-11652-2015. 

13. Li, M., Ridzuan, M., Sareh, S., Seneviratne, L.D., Dasgupta, P., Althoefer K. (2014) Pseudo-haptics for rigid tool/soft surface interaction feedback in virtual environments, Journal of Mechatronics, Volume 24, Issue 8, Pages 1092-1100. 


Book Chapter

1. Sareh, S., Noh, Y., Ranzani, T., Althoefer, K (2018) Pose Sensor- Soft and Stiffness-controllable Robotics Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery - The STIFF-FLOP Approach, River Publishers (in press)

2. Noh, Y., Sareh, S., Secco, E., Althoefer, K (2018) Force Sensor- Soft and Stiffness-controllable Robotics Solutions for Minimally Invasive Surgery - The STIFF-FLOP Approach, River Publishers (in press)

3. Sareh, S., Siddall, R., Alhinai, T., Kovac, M. (2016) Bio-inspired soft aerial robots: adaptive morphology for high performance flight, In "Soft Robotics: Trends, Applications and Challenges", Volume 17 of the Series Biosystems & Biorobotics pp 65-74, Springer.


Refereed Conference Papers and Workshops


1. Bernardini, S., Jovan, F., Jiang, Z., Watson, S., Weightman, A., Moradi, P., Richardson, T., Sadeghian, R., Sareh, S. (2020) A Multi-Robot Platform for the Autonomous Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Farms. In Proc. of the 19th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2020), Auckland, New Zealand, May 9–13, 2020, IFAAMAS, 5 pages.


2. Sareh, S. and Noh, Y (2018) Low profile stretch sensor for soft wearable robotics, IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2018), Livorno, Italy.

3. Sareh, S., Noh, Y., Ranzani, T., Liu, H., Althoefer, K., (2015) A 7.5mm Steiner chain fiber-optic system for multi-segment flex sensing, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2336-2341. 

4. Sareh, S., Noh, Y., Ranzani, T., Wudermann, H., Liu, H., Althoefer, K. (2015) Modular fiber-optic shape sensor for articulated surgical instruments, Hamyln Symposium on Medical Robotics.

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